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Pharmacy Brand Developer

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About Pharmacy Brand Developer


Pharmacy Brand Developer aims to disrupt the pharmacy franchise industry with its unique concept. With over 17 years of experience in healthcare and pharmacy, we are industry experts.


We have provided third-party consultancy to develop over 150 pharmacies in Pan India for reputed brands. By analyzing the different business models of different big brands closely, we learned about investors’ pain areas. Heavy Franchise fee in the name of brand support is inconsistent with the services and support and its more or less useless. Since 2017, we have stepped in to directly connect with investors and offer our services.  

 We don’t charge any royalty or profits on margin. We charge a one-time brand development fee and offer our support as per the agreement period.

No need to pay the hefty franchise fee to any brand. No need to depend on others. Make and market your Brand and not any other brand, do advertising for your brand.

Pharmacy Brand Developer Services

We offer comprehensive support, services, and digital marketing tailored specifically for your store. We provide expertise to help increase sales and ensure you get the best purchase rates for medicines, surgical equipment, general items, and cosmetics, enabling you to successfully run your pharmacy or chemist.

    1. Full Support from Pre-Launch to post-launch. complete hand holding from starting> be it store locations, interior design layout, fitments
    1. Support for applying and procuring drug licenses, staff hiring, and training
    1. Software training and product merchandising
    1. Purchase and sales support and business training
    1. How to get the best purchase rate and provide good discounts to customers
    1. Doctor tie-ups, health camp activities
    1. Guide the investor from where he can purchase medicine at the best price
    1. Help in website development
    1. Help in app development
    1. Loan facility also available

Pharmacy Brand Developer Franchise Model

    • Area Requirements 200 square feet minimum.
    • Total Investment 7 to 8 lakh.
    • Franchise fees / Brand development fees/ expertise fees 2.5 lahks plus GST *.
    • The payback Period is 12 to 15 months.
    • Agreement Period 5 Years
  • Business Model FOFO
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